Month: May 2020

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6 Tips To Work From Home Successfully During Lock Down

Article Link: By: Bianca Miller Cole I have been working from home since my first corporate job at Accenture in 2010 so I understand the expectations from a organisational and a personal perspective. But there are some of you out there who have never had to work from home and believe me, there is…
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Five Steps to a Successful Negotiation

By: Steve Bookbinder Typically, there are five general steps every negotiation process should have: Preparation and Planning Defining the Ground Rules Clarification and Justification Bargaining and Problem Solving Action and Implementation We will briefly expand upon each step and then provide three strategies you can leverage to enhance and personalize this process to your selling…
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Our offices will never be the same after COVID-19. Here’s what they could look like

Article Link: By: Mark Wilson It’s hard to imagine now—as most of us are reading this in quarantine, with our feet propped on Costco boxes of spaghetti noodles—but we will one day have to go back to our offices. COVID-19 won’t be eradicated, and not everyone will be immune. But we’ll still be expected…
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How to Avoid Burnout in the Middle of a Pandemic

Article Link: By: Rachel Fairbank Burnout is defined as a state of emotional, mental and physical exhaustion brought on by prolonged stress. Given the nonstop barrage of stressors these past few months, many of us are probably well on our way to developing burnout, if we aren’t there already. “Burnout is chronic stress gone…
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San Francisco Area Construction To Restart May 4, But Safety Requirements Questioned

Article Link: By: Erica Berardi Seven San Francisco Bay-area health officers are reopening all construction, effective May 4, under updated shelter-in-place orders. But new required safety protocols, in place of social distancing requirements, are prompting questions from firms and industry groups regarding the mandate for third-party, COVID-19 accountability supervisors. “Under the new orders, all construction…
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