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How to Join Wooden Elements: 6 Tips to Build Safe and Strong Structures

Article Link: https://www.archdaily.com/928388/how-to-join-wooden-elements-6-tips-to-build-safe-and-strong-structures By Materials | Translated by José Tomás Franco Wood is a very easy-to-work material, allowing professional and amateur builders to manufacture simple objects and structures without major problems. However, when thinking about larger-scale housing or buildings, it’s important to take certain precautions that ensure good quality and good construction behavior. To this end, it’s essential to evaluate every…
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5 Tips to Building an Earthquake-Resistant Structure

Article Link: https://safetymanagement.eku.edu/blog/5-tips-to-building-an-earthquake-resistant-structure/ Natural disasters are sudden and dangerously powerful, making them a serious threat to communities nationwide. Professionals have learned to anticipate some like hurricanes, blizzards, and tornadoes, but others can still strike with no warning. Earthquakes of any magnitude can occur any time of the year with almost no indications. They can affect small…
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Article Link: https://www.cityu.edu/blog/six-bridge-building-tips-that-support-strong-teams/ By: Greg Price Picture yourself at work. You see yourself as a high performer, and you are happy where you work. You are confident in what you are doing, and you go beyond your role expectations. Do you picture yourself in this way? If this is how you picture your presence at work,…
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Constructing your own commercial building? 12 tips to build wisely

Article Link: https://www.bdc.ca/en/articles-tools/money-finance/buy-lease-commercial-real-estate/pages/tips-new-commercial-builds.aspx Constructing your own commercial building involves an enormous investment of time and money, so you need to be sure it’s the right move for your business. Ask yourself whether such a project really suits your company’s needs. Do you need the additional space to accommodate more business or increase productivity? Or is…
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Case Study 1

How we delivered the perfect hire when there were only 19 people in the US with the mandatory experience. Search Assignment:Expansion of our client’s e-commerce business called for a new Divisional Merchandising Manager with a very specialized skill set and some pretty unusual experience. Only about 2-dozen people in the US had the qualifications the…
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